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Posts made in May, 2013

DIY Jam Jar Tiki Torch

DIY Jam Jar Tiki Torch

The weather is warming up and all we want to do is head outdoors and enjoy a refreshing glass of Moscato after a long day’s work.  Picture sitting peacefully on a porch, by the pool, or in the backyard without a care in the world, life is good! But…then come those darn mosquitoes. Ugh! No need to run, we’ve come up with a fun & festive way to keep those bugs miles away. What you’ll need: – Empty bottle of Jam Jar – Bitefighter Citronella fuel – Torch wick – Thread seal tape (teflon) – Coupling 3/4 x 1/2 What to do: 1. After enjoying your bottle of Jam Jar, soak it in warm, soapy water to clean out any remaining wine remnants and to help loosen paper label. Rinse bottle, remove label (if desired), and dry. 2. Fill bottle a little more than 1/2 way with citronella fuel. This will ensure the fuel will saturate the torch once inserted and keep the bottle sturdy in windy conditions. 3. Place coupling around lip (very tip) of Jam Jar bottle. Wrap base of coupling with Teflon tape a few times until the coupling is securely in place without movement. 4. Insert the torch wick into the bottle leaving about an inch outside of the opening. Let sit for five minutes before lighting to ensure the torch becomes saturated. 5. Head outdoors and seek a spot where you can safety place the decorative bug repellent. Light up the wick and admire your new Jam Jar Tiki Torch! Caution: Read warning labels on fuel and wick items. Never keep torch lit while unattended and do not use indoors....

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