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Jam Jar is not just another wine brand, it’s become a movement, a “feeling”

When Jam Jar launched back in 2009 there were not a lot of options for quality sweet wines. We wholeheartedly believed that anyone who likes their wines on the sweeter side deserved to have a delicious and well-crafted option. We wanted to give our fans something they can enjoy and proudly share with the world. Jam Jar is not just another wine brand, it’s become a movement, a “feeling”—one that has become evident in our rampant, dedicated fan base. We’ve witnessed the explosive reactions when customers try Jam Jar for the first time. They’re excited and eager to share their discovery with their circles. It’s become a word of mouth thing. “Have you heard of this?” “Have you tasted this?” “It’s different, and it’s not like any other sweet wine I’ve had before.” We’ve become part of fan families, been the inspiration behind Jam Jar crafts, push presents, cakes and even Halloween costumes. “The Jam Jar Feeling” campaign is inspired by these sentiments. Become part of our club – experience the #JamJarFeeling and share what it is all about!

P.S. From sangrias and cocktails to pies and BBQ sauce, we’ve got you covered. Try out one of our seasonal recipes!

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